1.Crop improvement and Breeding

Development of good quality high yielding varieties of popular fruit crops for fresh market and industrial purpose
  • Selection of high yielding and good quality Mango varieties adaptable for different agro ecological zones
  • Development of Mango hybrids
    Development of high yielding good quality Citrus(Sweet Orange and Mandarin) varieties (Hybrid development)
  • Development of high yielding good qulity Citrus (Sweet Orange Mandarin ,Pumello and lime) varieties.
  • Collection establishment and evaluation of citrus germplasm from Hambanthota District.
  • Development of Mandarin and Orange varieties through mutation
  • Development of high yielding good quality papaya varieties/hybrids
  • Breeder's seed production papaya (variety Rathna)
  • Hybrid seed production of papaya (Horana Papaya Hybrid-1)
  • Development of high yielding good quality durian varieties through Hybridization
  • Development of high yielding good quality Rambutan varieties through induced mutation
  • Selection and development of high yielding Rambutan varieties
  • Establishment of Avacado gene bank for selection of high yielding ,good quality varieties
  • Development of new hybrids through interspecific hybridization with in a family(Passifloraceaea,Anonaceae and Bromeliaceae)
  • Development of Passion fruit varieties through hybridization and varietal selection
  • Studying inheritance of self- compatibility and Passion fruit mottle virus resistant in Passion fruit
  • Characterization of flowering behavior and floral biology of belli(Aegle marmelos)Wax apple (Syzygium samarangense),Celon olive (Elaeocarpus serratous)Soursop (Annona muricata) Sapodilla (Manilkara sapota) for improvement of productivity and quality.
  • Development of Longan varieties with high yielding and good quality
  • Development of seedless/less seeded Guava variety
  • Development of Annona varieties with high yield and good quality
Selection of good quality under - utilized fruit crop varieties and popularization for cultivation

  • Collection, Evaluation, Characterization & Selection of Beli (Aegle marmelos) Germplasam
  • Study the floral biology & Flowering behavior of Beli (Aegle marmelos)
  • Evaluation of Salak / snake fruit (Salacca zalacca) varieties.
  • Identification and selection of potential crops / varieties (Almond, Wal Del, and Kos del) for nut purpose
  • Collection, evaluation and selection of Gaduguda (Baccaurea motleyana)
    Development of new varieties of Guava , Annona and Sapota through mutation breeding
    Development of high yielding good quality Jamun, Ceylon olive, bale fruit, Aonla and Nam nam varieties


Generate profitable crop management practices for fruit orchard and technology for quality planting material production
  • Improvement of the yield and quality of Banana Musa spp. Var. Millewa Suwandel by some specific management practices
  • Study the behavioral changes of reproductive and productivity parameters of major fruit crops, under a changing and variable climate in different agro-ecological regions in Sri Lanka
  • Technological intervention to improve production and productivity of selected fruits (Citrus)
  • Technological intervention to improve production and productivity of selected fruits (Strawberry)
  • Testing of different root stock on controlling root knot nematode and growth and yield of Guava
  • Effect of pre-seed treatments on Ceylon olive (Elaeocarpus serratus) to reduce time taken for seed germination and germination percentage
  • Effect of stargooseberry (Rata nelli) as a root stock on grafting Aonla (Phyllanthus emblica) for the propagation of Aonla
  • Evaluation of different budding methods compared to wedge grafting for sour sop (Annona muricata )
  • Evaluation of vegetative propagation methods for the planting material production of Nam nam(Cynometra caulifora)
  • Evaluation of the cultivation possibility of promising underutilized fruit crops in containers
  • Ex-situ evaluation of promising accessions of existing underutilized fruit species under field conditions
  • Effect of stem diameter of root stock & maturity status of scion on success of wedge grafting of Annona
  • Effect of 4 different suckers on quality & planting material production of pineapple
  • Improvement of modern technologies for continuous production of selected fruit crops for export market.(Crops: Mango, Rambutan, Pineapple, Guawa)

3.Soil Managment

Development efective nutrient managment packages to increase yield and quality of fruits crops and development of organic fruit production technology
  • Use of biopore infiltration technique to reduce disorder in Mangusteen
  • Identification of nutrient managment practices to enhance quality and productivity of water malon
  • Identification of agronomic practices to control yellow sap disorder and translucent disorder in mangosteen
  • Identification of critical N level for papaya
  • effect of time and rate of application of Ca on yellow sap disorder and translucent disorder
  • Nutrient status of the soil in reseach fields of Fruit Reseach and Development Institute
  • Identification of nutrient managment practices to enhance fruit quality and productivity of pineapple
  • effect of different type of fertilizer on growth yield and quality of papaya

4.Tissue Culture and Bio technology

  • Development of invitro techniques for healthy planting material production of Mandarin
  • Development of technology for the production of virus-free planting material through propagation techniques for selected fruit crops (Papaya, Citrus, Pineapple- special variety)
  • Development of promising pomegranate lines through in vitro mutation induction
  • Identification and confirmation of phytoplasma diseases and their host range in cultivated crops
  • Optimization of Micro propagation protocol for DOA recommended Banana variety “Agra”
  • Study the effect of LED on growth and multiplication of TC plants
  • Confirmation of seed borne ability of phytoplasma
  • Confirmation of seed borne ability of phytoplasma
  • Micro propagation of underutilized fruit crops(Masan, Mora)
  • Crop improvement through induced mutation in Banana
  • Production of planting materials using nodal culture from selected Pomegranate plants with good characters for promising lines
  • Production of new pineapple variety by using cross pollination and tissue culture technology
  • Production of tissue cultured hybrid papaya planting material using local hybrid seeds
  • Production of apple planting material using seed culture from imported fruits.


Development of cost effective ,environmentally sound, effective pest and disease managment practices for major fruit crops
Development of a protocol for trunk injection of pesticides as part of an IPM programme for controlling of Stem Borer in Mango and DurianDevelopment of a protocol for trunk injection of pesticides as part of an IPM programme for controlling of Stem Borer in Mango and Durian
Enhancement of the Productivity of fruit crops by managing major pest problems
Testing of nematicides and other management practices for guava cultivation and nursery plants
Evaluation of grafted guawa plants on resistant root stock
Identification of causal factors for immature fruit drop in ridge gourd and gove recomendations for the managment (farmer field evaluation in Colombo and Kaluthara)

6.Plant pathology

Development of cost effective ,environmentally sound,effective pest and disease managment practices for major fruit crops
  • Development of control measures of commonly found post-harvest fruit-rot diseases of Avocado and Annona
  • Potential use of soil antagonisms for successful management of panama diseases of banana caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp.
  • Managment of root disease of perennial fruit trees through integrated approaches(specifically jack Fruit)
  • Management of pineapple wilt virus (PWV) in pineapple with different fertilizers
  • Control of papaya ring spot virus (PRSV) in papaya through induced systemic resistance using Plant Growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR).
  • Use of natural and artificial antiviral compounds to manage papaya rings spot virus (PRSV) in papaya

7.Post harvest and Food Technology

  • Regulation of fruit set and post-harvest life and investigation of the variability of bioactive compounds in edible Annona muricata L. accessions found in Sri Lanka
  • Development of a package to minimize post -harvest, losses of selected fruit crops (Annona,Pineapple,Avocado,Passion fruits)
  • Increase shelflife of passion fruit using modified atmosphere storage
  • Production of a vegetable sausage from jack fruit