Our Vision
National Prosperity through Sustainable Management of Land and Water Resources
Our Mission

Optimize the use of land and water resources to achieve a higher and sustainable agricultural productivity while ensuring the food security of the people of Sri Lanka and thereby improving their livelihood.

The Natural Resources Management Centre (NRMC) is mandated to optimize the use of land and water resources on scientific basis to improve national agricultural productivity in a sustainable manner. Changes in land use pattern with increasing population pressure, diminish both the quality and quantity of land and water resources while climate change and its extreme situations are exerting additional pressure on them. These issues are leading to accelerated soil erosion, declining soil fertility, salinaization and soil and water pollution. Therefore, development of technologies targeting judicial utilization while conservation the natural resources, particularly land and water resources are a vital task.

The NRMC conduct research and development programs covering several disciplines. Research thrust areas of the centre are soil conservation and watershed management, land suitability evaluation, agro-meteorology and climate change, geo-spatial analysis and remote sensing, productivity enhancement, soil and water quality assessments and on-farm irrigation management. Main development programs include implementation of the Soil Conservation Act, maintenance of the agro-meteorological observation network of the country, technology dissemination, and provision of technical assistance to clients on related subjects and environmental impact assessment of various development projects.

This Centre was established in 1974, as the Land and Water Management Research Centre (LWMRC) in the Department of Agriculture and played a vital role in soil and water management and its outputs were well utilized in the country’s agricultural development activities during 70s. Later in 1989, the activities and the responsibilities were broadened with the amalgamation of the Soil Conservation Division of the Department of Agriculture (DOA). In 1994, with the re-structuring of the DOA, the LWMRC was renamed as Natural Resources Management Centre.
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Dr H.S.S.A. De Silva
Additional Director - Land & Water Resources Management,
Mr Munasinghe M.A.K